How to make a Tastebud Chizzling Texas Burger

Making a Burger is like making a work of art, ain’t I right? 

I love eggs and if I can put one on my Burger oh boy will I.

So today I am going to teach you how to do a Texas Burger in a simple manner. 

In the past as a Deli worker, Texas Burger was a high demand sandwich.

People adore the delicious beef combine with the nutty flavor of the egg. 

So today I am pleased to share this recipe so you can make a delicious Texas Burger from your home.

These are the ingredients your going to need,

Burger Buns 

1 Egg 

1 Burger Patty 

One pack of Sazon 

Salt and Pepper 

Lettuce and Tomatoes 

Finally what’s a Burger without Onions 

First step is to heat up a grill until hot. Then add the patty.

This can be done any grill you have.

If you don’t have a grill take a pan heat it up until hot.

Then put a little olive oil, or add non stick butter spray.

This will make the burger patty not break up up. 

Trust me once the party breaks up it will not be able to stick back. 

Have fun making a chop cheese if it breaks ;)

Second, while one side is cooking on the grill, or pan add Sazon to one side. 

This will bring out the flavor of the Beef Patty.

Third, the hard part is making the egg,

But I will break it down into simple steps

Take your grill or pan and add Olive Oil to it.

Then break one egg into the grill or pan.

Let it fry until the the Egg White cover the Yolk.

Do this by flipping one side of the Egg White on top of the Yolk.

And Wallah its Egg Science not Rocket Science :)

Fourth, take your own personal favorite cheese and add it. I prefer American cheese so I add it to the Beef Patty while it’s cooking so It can melt. 

Fifth, Take a small bowl add mayonnaise and Ketchup and stir. Psssst this the secret sauce they charge you extra at Burger grills in your area ;)

Lastly, put the sauce on the top burger bun and add all the layers. Beef patty with cheese first. Then add the egg and your done. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this beautiful recipe and share your creation in the comments. Cheers. 


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