Killer Double Cheeseburger with Hot Fries

Alright who doesn't love extra cheesiness and meat in their Burgers.

But on top with that, nothing is more satisfying than eating this delicious double cheeseburger with extra seasoning.

Stick to the end and I will also show you how to make delicious spicy fries to have with your burgers.

So let's start with the Burger

These are the ingredients you will need

Get some delicious hamburger bread

Some American Cheese

Sazon seasoning

Some ground beef organic

Lettuce and Tomatos

Minced Garlic





And some maynaise and ketchup

Let's get started.

First, get the ground beef and make 2 balls with your hands.

Then squeeze them with the palm of your other hands until you get a Patty.

Second season with sazon and minced garlic on both sides.

Third, take a pan and put olive oil.

Let it heat up medium fire.

While this is heating up take a sharp knife, and cut some lettuce.

Then take a beautiful fresh Tomato and slice into small pieces.

Fourth, add the two Beef patties to the pan and flip it when the bottom gets brown.

Continue doing this process until the Patty is fully cook.

While the patties are cooking put the American Cheese on top of the patties so it will melt.

Fifth, while the patties are cooking let's make the in and out sauce for this Burger.

Take a small bowl and add maynaise and ketchup.

Then add some finely diced pickles with salt, pepper and sugar.

Then add some mustard. Finally add some apple cider vinegar.

Mix until the sauce is blended.

Sixth, now that the patties are cooked let's construct our Burger.

Take the bread and put the in and out Burger sauce on the bread.

Then add some lettuce and tomato to the bread.

Then add the patties face up with the cheese.

Seventh, after you construct your burger Bon Appetite.

As promised now let me show you how to make Hot Fries.

First take a bag of French Fries and put in a bowl.

Then season them with hot chili peppers and mix well.

Second take some flour and bread crumbs and mix it with the fries. Remember to add hot chili peppers to Bread Crumbs too.

Finally, fry the fries until they are crispy.

Then serve with your burger. Bon appetite.


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