Tasty Carné Guisada With White Rice Recipe

Anything that is guisado I love, I made tons of meat like chicken, shrimp, and even eggplant guisado.

I made this today and it was utterly delicious and I want to share the recipe with you,

so you can enjoy it also.

You will need:

Pieces of small skinny steak ribeye



Goya Tomato Sauce


Vegetable oil

Once you have the ingredients let's get started.

The Carne Guisada

First, take a pot and put it on a stove over medium fire, and 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Second, take the rib eye steak pieces and clean them with lemon to kill bacteria.

Third, once the pan is heated up put the meat on it, then season it with two packets of Sazon.

Fourth, after the meat has turned yellow/orange from the Sazon, open a can of Goya Tomato Sauce,

And add it in.

Fifth, after you are done stirring the tomato sauce into the meat, add 1 cup and 1/4 of water.

Sixth, let it simmer for 2 hours on the medium-low heat.

Seventh, 30 minutes before the meat is done add two teaspoons of salt and stir and let it simmer for the remaining 30 minutes.

Now to Make the Rice

First, take another pot and out oil and set it on high fire.

Second, wash one cup of rice until the starch is clean off.

Third, add the rice to the pot and add salt, then add one cup and a half of water let it simmer until the water dries on high fire.

Fourth, after the water dries out, store the rice and put a lot on pot while on low fire.

Do this for 25-30minutes.

After the meat and the rice are done cooking take a plate and serve a rice on one corner.

On the other corner put the meat, if you like the sauce of the meat pour some on the rice,

I guaranteed you will enjoy the taste.

I hope you guys love this recipe I created, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Bon Appetite


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