Tastebud Infused Pasta Recipe

Agree with me, food is good when your taste buds go crazy.

If you like the sound of this you can stick along because I am going to show you

How to make 2 delicious sauces for your pasta, and the pasta itself.

So these are the ingredients you will need

Spaghetti Noodles (any kind you like), I prefer thin noodles.

2 pound Ground Beef

5 Fresh tomatoes

1 Onion

10 cloves of Garlic

Fresh Beasley

And your favorite BBQ sauce.

Let's get started

Spaghetti Noodle for the Pasta

First, take a pot and add some water. Boil on high heat and add salt.

The salt will make sure the water will boil a lot.

Second, after the water has boiled, take your spaghetti noodles and break them in half.

Then, add them to the water. Let them boil until softened. This can take 20-30 minutes.

Third, after your spaghetti is done serve on a plate.

Now let's make 2 different sauces, so you can choose which one you will use.

Tomato Sauce

First, get four fresh tomatoes and use a sharp knife (not dull) to cut it into tiny chunks.

Second, put the chucks on a food processor and make let them processed until there are no big chunks.

If you like big chunks then use the processor to your own liking.

Third, put a small pot on stove medium fire with olive oil.

Then, take five garlic cloves and cut them into tiny chunks.

Fourth, put the garlic cloves on the pot and let them fry until they turn golden.

Then add the tomato sauce into the pot and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Fifth, while tomato sauce is simmering, take some Beasley and chop into pieces.

Then when the sauce is done take the pot and put it into a counter or table.

Then add the Beasley.

Fifth, stir the tomato sauce, and your done, you have just made fresh tomato sauce.

Taste not and add salt to your liking.

You can use this sauce along with the pasta, or use it to make meat sauce,

which you will learn next.

Meat Sauce

So for this one, it takes longer but its similar to the previous sauce.

First, get 2 pounds of ground beef and chop.

Second, get a pot and put olive oil. Let not heat up.

While the pot is heating up, take 5 garlic cloves and chop into tiny chunks, also cut some onions.

If you like some spiciness like me, you could chop some jalapeƱos.

Third, when the pot is headed at the ground beef and let it fry until the meat

is golden brown. Then add the garlic, jalapenos, and onions then stir.

Fourth, you can use the tomato sauce made previously or can tomato sauce.

I prefer Goya tomato sauce, but any can tomato sauce will work.

Fifth, let it simmer for 45 minutes on medium-high heat. Add some olive oil so it can be silky.

While it's simmering this is optional, but to add more flavor put some BBQ sauce. I prefer Jack Daniels Whiskey BBQ, but

you can use your own favorite BBQ Sauce.

After 45 minutes remove the pot from the stove, and congratulations you have made a meat sauce.

You can add any of the sauces you learn today to the pasta.

I hope you guys enjoy the recipe I made, comment your won tweaks. Bon Appetite.

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