NYC Style Chicken Kebob Recipe

Don't tell me this isn't true

New York City isn't New York without the delicious food carts scattered all over the City.

Chicken Kebobs, other than
Hot Dogs and Chicken over Rice, are my favorite food to eat on the go.

Today I am going to be teaching you how to make Kebobs at Home

These are the ingredients you will need

Chicken Breast


Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper



Let's get started

First, take a piece of chicken breast and flop it sideways

Second, cut into four square chunks.

Third, grab a bowl add the chicken and squeeze lemon juice into the bowl.

Fourth, add two tablespoons of salt and pepper and mix well

Fifth, add paprika, which will bring out the flavor and color.

Sixth, due to chicken breast being dry, add olive oil to each chunk.

Seventh, take the metal skew and put the chunk on it

Eighth put on a grill for at least 3 minutes each side

Ninth, on each side, take a cooking brush, and use your favorite barbeque sauce,

and brush the barbeque on the Kebob.

Tenth, after one minute on each side, take the Kebob off the grill so it won't burn.

I hope you guys enjoy this delicious NYC treat.

Tell me about any modification you made to this recipe.

Bon Appetit


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