Mouth Watering Taco Recipe

It's Tuesday, so you know what day it is.

In this recipe, I will teach you how to make Tacos celebrate Taco Tuesday after a long day of work.

You will need the following ingredients:

Tortillas (corn not wheat)

2 pounds of ground beef





Green Peppers




Red Chili Peppers



Let's begin

Ingredients preparation

Take half an Onion and start chopping with a sharp knife into tiny pieces. Then take one Green Pepper and start chopping it.

Optional, but for extra spiciness take a Jalapeno and chop into small pieces.

Taco Meat

First, take a pan and put olive oil. Let it heat up on medium fire.

Second, while the pan is heating take the ground beef and tear it apart. Season the meat with paprika (add to your spicy tolerance).

Third, add Sazon and a little bit of Adobo. This will bring out the flavor of the meat.

Season with pepper.

Fourth, add to the pan the seasoned meat as well as the Onions and Peppers.

While its turning brown adds chili powder.

Fifth, let it heat until golden brown. Then once it's golden brown add a little bit of water.

Let it simmer on high fire for two minutes.

After that take the pan off the stove and set aside to cool.


First, get your favorite brand of Corn Tortilla, and set a pan to medium heat with butter. (Helps Tortilla not Stick).

Second, add tortilla to the pan and let each side crisp for 1 minutes each.

The tortilla is the easiest part so after this, you are done.


Let's make the first sauce that goes well with a Taco,

You can never miss the guacamole.

Get a bowl as you will need to create a mixture.

First, take 2 Avocados and split and a half.

Then remove the green inners of the Avacado.

Second, take 1 tablespoon of minced Garlic and add to the bowl of Avacado.

Third, add two tablespoons of Kumen powder to the Avacado and Minced Garlic in Bowl.

Fourth, take half a Jalapeno chop into tiny pieces, and add to the mixture.

Then take half a Yellow Lemon (not green) and add to the mixture.

Fifth, take a spoon or fork and mash the mixture until it is gooey. Add salt to your liking.

Now you have made Guacamole for your Taco.

Now on to the next sauce


This is delicious for those who are tired of the repetitive Guacamole on the Taco.

First, get 7 Tomatoes and Chop them into tiny chunks.

Second, take one whole onion and chop into tiny chunks as well.

Then take one JalapeƱo and chop it into small pieces.

Then take cilantro and chop. Then add to the bowl.

Fourth, take 10 Garlic Cloves and chop them as small as you can. If you want to save time use minced Garlic.

Fifth, add four tablespoons of garlic.

Six, now to the technical part, you will need a blender.

Take a pan and roast 4 tomatoes

Then take 4 red chili peppers and roast them as well.

Please do the peppers in a ventilated area as it is strong and it will irritate your eyes and nose.

Trust me, it's not comfortable. Open your windows.

After they are done roasting, add to a blender.

Blend them until it's fully liquidized and there are no chunks.

Seventh, finally at the liquidized tomatoes and chili peppers to the bowl we made previously.

Stir, and now you are done making salsa.

Now that everything is done, serve the tacos and the sauce separately so you and your buddies can enjoy. You can also add sour cream for a more sour taste.

Thanks for reading this recipe, I hope you guys enjoy it. Comment any tweaks you make and Bon Appetite.


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