Killer Chili Dog Recipe

Whether it's been a hard day at work, or you just want something tasty in the middle of the day, today you will learn a killer Chili Cheese Dog Recipe.

There are 2 ways to go about it you could buy a hot dog, or you can make your own hot dog buns. I'll show you how to make hot dogs buns.

1) Homemade Hot Dog Buns

Why homemade hot dog buns, well so your chili cheese dog taste fresher.

First, warm half a cup of milk until its warm, not hot. Then add to a mixing bowl.

Second, add a tablespoon of sugar, and two and a half tablespoon of butter, and mix.

Third, add active yeast this will cause your bread to rise when in the oven. Active yeast is a must or your bread will turn out to be horrible.

Fourth, add two and a half cups of flour, and an egg. Then mix very well until you get a big ball of dough. You don't have to do this but if you hate dry bread add a little bit of Olive oil to the top spot won't dry in the oven.

Fifth, let it proof for one hour and fifteen minutes so the dough grows. Then take a big knife, and cut the dough into four pieces.

The proof is letting the dough grow by putting it in a warm place. My advice warm of the oven and leave your dough in there for the time specified.

Sixth, then roll your dough like if you were making a flute. Make sure you measure the size of your hot dog so that the bread won't be too big or too small. Let them proof in the oven again for an addition 50 minutes.

Seventh, then when the hot dog buns finish proofing,  bake the hot dog buns for 30 minutes.

Eight, after they are done baking enjoy and brag about your homemade hot dog buns to your friends.

2). Chili Sauce

This is crucial in a chili dog so do this step carefully.

First, cut and chop some green pepper. This will bring out the flavor of the ground beef.

Second, chop some unions into tiny pieces. All chili requires unions for that delicious crunch, and flavor.

Third, dice some mushrooms, and your done cutting the vegetable hooray.

Fourth, heat up a pan on medium fire with some olive oil. Then add two pounds of ground beef. Break it up with a spatula. Cook until the meat turns completely brown.

Fifth, add a half cup of the green peppers, and unions. And stir so the beef can absorb the vegetable taste. Then add chili powder.

Six, add 9 ounces of barbeque, I personally love Jack Daniels Whiskey Barbeque, but feel free to add your favorite barbeque.

Lastly, add a can of shredded tomato sauce, and let it simmer for 40 minutes.

3). Heat up some Weiners

This is the easy part.

First, take a pan and put hot water.

Second, dip the weiners into the pan, let them simmer for 10 minutes.

4). Put everything together

First, take your homemade bun, and cut in middle to make an opening for your Weiner.

Second, put the Weiner in the middle, and add the chili sauce on top.

Third, add some raw unions.

Fourth(optional), I like some heat so I add some jalapenos.

I hope everyone enjoys this delicious Chili Dog Recipe. Comment how much you like it, and share with your friends. Bon appetite


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