3 Energizing Morning Coffee Recipes

Agree with what I am about to say,

Coffee is the energy drink that keeps us going to work.

The average American spends more than 16 dollars a week in coffee,

Which estimates to more than 768 dollars per year.

However, I am going to teach you how to make 3 delicious coffee recipes

To boost your energy, and make your taste buds buzz.

You will need a coffee maker, any will due.

I also use El Pilon Coffee, however, feel free to use your favorite brand.

1) Classic American Black Coffee

Many people fail at making black coffee because they don't understand the balance needed.

First, put a filter on the coffee machine l, and fill it up halfway with coffee

Second,  add water to the coffee machine until it fills up to the maximum cup.

Third, once the coffee is ready to serve in a small teacup, and prepare to let the caffeine kick in.

2). Cafe Con Leche

A Spanish traditional coffee I love, you will need whole milk,

 however, feel free to use the milk of your choice.

First, as mentioned before make black coffee

Second, after your serve coffee, this one on a cup, not a teacup,  add a quarter of a cup of Milk.

Third, add two teaspoons of sugar, and you got a nice blend of Caffeine and Calcium.

3) Coffee with Cream

Many people have told me that the coffee they make with cream is too strong

They are not using like I said before balance.

You need to learn how to measure quantity to make a quality coffee.

First, make the coffee as shown in previous in the first step

Second, take a tablespoon and add cream. The more cream you add the stronger the taste.

The amount if a tablespoon of cream you use will determine the strength of the taste,

So keep adding until your strength tolerance reaches a limit.

Third, add two tablespoons of sugar, and enjoy a regular coffee you made at home that's less than a penny.

I hope you guys enjoy this morning coffee recipe, Bon Appetite.


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