3 Delicious Summer Smoothie recipe

Back in my old summer, I used to drink a lot of juice. I was naive not to realize that there is nothing better than a refreshing smoothie, that is natural and tasty. It took me a week to master, but with these easy steps, you will be able to make these smoothies in about 5 minutes.

For these recipes, you will need a blender, a and three cans of evaporated milk, and sugar. Let's get Started.

1). Strawberry Smoothie

Let me start by saying that When I first started I thought that you can only do a regular strawberry smoothie. However, you can also do blueberry, raspberry, etc.

First, gather some fresh strawberry or the berry of your choice.

Second, fill the blender halfway. This will ensure you keep that strawberry flavor in further steps.

Third, add half the Evaporated Milk to the blender.

Fourth, add one tablespoon of sugar. Add sugar to your liking this step is also under your control. Then add ice.

Fifth, blend until its completely a liquid. A mistake I did and many people I teach how to do smoothies do is they are impatient.

Sixth, Bon Appetit.

Banana Smoothie

Like the previous recipe, this one is simple and can be manipulated to your liking.

First, take one banana and peel off the skin. With your hands break it into three pieces. Take a second banana and eat half of it. Take the second half and with the other three pieces put it in a blender.

Second, put evaporated milk 3/4 of the can.

Third, add one tablespoon of sugar.

Fourth, then add a couple ice cubes

Fifth, blend until there's notice or banana, just gooey.

Sixth, Bon Appetite

Mango Smoothie

This one is a little tedious as you will need to peel the skin of the Mango. I suggest getting a Potato Peeler.

First, peel the skin off the Mango.

Second, using a sharp knife cut the Mango into 5 pieces and put in blender.

Third, add evaporated milk halfway.

Fourth, add one tablespoon of Sugar, and some ice

Fifth, blend until its gooey

Sixth, Bon Appetite

 I hope you guys enjoy these recipes Remember you can modify them to your liking, I like mines plain but you can add cinnamon or fruit toppings. If you enjoy my blog subscribe so you never miss a recipe. Let me know in the comments how you enjoy these recipes.


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