3 Spanish Seafood Recipes

I am going to show you 3 Spanish Seafood recipes that will make your stomach beg for more. The 3 Fishes you are going to need are Red Snapper, Salmon, and Tuna. Some equipment you might need are a Deep Fryer, and a strong Knife.

1). Spanish Seasoned Red snapper

Red Snapper is expensive in many fine dining restraunts, but why pay when you can make delicious flavory Red Snapper at Home. You will need Goya Sazon, Paprika, Green Lemon, and vegetable oil.

How to prepare this dish.

1) cut the meat from the Red Snapper, and put Sazon and Paprika on both sides.
2) Put a pan on medium fire with Vegetable oil
2) You put the chopped Onions into the sizzling oil
3) Add the seasoned Red Snapper meat into the pan
4) Flip the meat until cooked, then Bon Apetite.

2). Spanish Fried Salmon

Salmon meat is thicker so it requires more seasoning, also it requires more cooking time. You are also going to need a deep fryer. Now to prepare this

1) Take 2 slices of Salmon and seasoned it with Sazon and Paprika on all sides.
2) Take a bowl and break two eggs. Spin the Yolk until the bowl is completely Yellow.
3) Add Flour on all sides of the seasoned Salmon.
4) Rub the salmon meat on the Egg Yolk and add Seasoned Bread Crumbs.
5) Set the fryer and add Vegetable oil. When its sizzling deep fry the Salmon meat for 45 seconds( or until cooked)
6) Serve on a plate with sliced Lemons.  This can be put between breads to make a nice salmon Sandwich or with a side of Fries. Bon Apetite

3). Spanish Mayonnaise Tuna

1) Buy any tuna fish.
2) Get a bowl and add Onions. Add the Tuna and season it with Goya Adobo. Mix it around until fully seasoned. Add Lemon to bring out more flavor.
3) Add Mayonnaise and Mix until the Tuna is fully seasoned with mayonnaise.
4) This is good if you are lazy and don't want to cook. You can eat this with White or Whole Wheat  Bread. Bon Apetite

Any of these recipes can be eaten with Spanish Rice. If you don't know how to make Spanish Rice, read our previous post on how to make it here.


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