Delicious Hamburger Recipe

With all the food wars out there on how to make the best hamburger recipe,  I will show you how to make one that will make your taste buds beg for more. So get a checklist and be prepared to jot this down for a delicious Hamburger recipe.

1) Sesame Seed Buns

The added sesame seeds makes the bread have a very fine taste and look, showing that you don't need to go to a fancy burger place to make one.

 2) Onions

Get some fresh onions. Onions brings out the flavor of the meat by seasoning it, now our personal choice is shallot, but you can add which ever one you feel is best.

3) Ground Beef or Chuck Steak

You can make your own ground beef using a meat cutter, so we used a meat cutter to make chuck steak, because its rich in flavor. If you don't have a meat cutter, you can use some ground beef instead.

4) Seasoning

We use Goya seasoning and some paprika this brings out the flavor in the onions and the ground beef making our taste buds see heaven.

5) Jalapeños or Pickles

Jalapeños are spicy but they have a strong flavor that makes your taste buds tingle and keep you biting. But if you can't stand the heat you can always use some good ol' pickles.

Now season the meat with Goya on both sides or add paprika on both sides. Set a pan on medium fire with vegetable oil, so that the oil won't take away any flavor. After a good 30-45 seconds add the onions. When it's heated add the meat, and flip it every 1 min and 25 seconds. After the meat is cooked put it on the sesame buns and add some fresh Jalapeños or Pickles. Now you're all set it, bon appetit!


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