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How to make a Tastebud Chizzling Texas Burger

Making a Burger is like making a work of art, ain’t I right? 
I love eggs and if I can put one on my Burger oh boy will I.
So today I am going to teach you how to do a Texas Burger in a simple manner. 
In the past as a Deli worker, Texas Burger was a high demand sandwich.
People adore the delicious beef combine with the nutty flavor of the egg. 
So today I am pleased to share this recipe so you can make a delicious Texas Burger from your home.
These are the ingredients your going to need,
Burger Buns 
1 Egg 
1 Burger Patty 
One pack of Sazon 
Salt and Pepper 
Lettuce and Tomatoes 
Finally what’s a Burger without Onions 

First step is to heat up a grill until hot. Then add the patty.
This can be done any grill you have.
If you don’t have a grill take a pan heat it up until hot.
Then put a little olive oil, or add non stick butter spray.
This will make the burger patty not break up up.

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